What You Can Expect

  • Same day appointments
  • An X-ray & Consultation
  • Treatment (Costs You Nothing if you were not at fault!)
  • Personalized care with skill and compassion
  • Consultations with your Attorney, or recommendations for an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney
  • Transportation to our office when you are injured

Receiving Chiropractic Treatment After A Car Accident

After you have been injured in an accident, if the only medical attention you received was provided in the Emergency Room at your local hospital, or at an HMO Clinic, you may be risking prolonged or permanent damage to your health.

Many patients continue to experience an increase in pain levels during the days and weeks after suffering an accident. This is a condition also known (DOMS) or “ Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness.”

The condition can lead to a build-up of painful scar tissue around the accident injury.