Common Work Place Injuries

Exertion is the defining factor in most workplace injuries. Overexertion is caused by moderate to intense physical labor. This type of injury is often seen in first responders and construction workers. If you work in either of these fields or a related field, it is very important for you to use the proper support devices like back or knee braces. For the sprains, tears, strains, and fractures that are so common in cases of workplace injury, 0ur orthopedic team members offer a specialized approach to diagnosing and treating conditions.

Conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome can develop in employees whose jobs require staying in the same physical position or repeating the same motion over an extended period, like typing at a computer for hours every day or doing assembly line work. The chiropractors on our team are experts in the alignment of the spine. They can assess your pain related to repetitive injuries and work to realign your spine. When your body is in proper alignment, all of the components of it that might have been giving you trouble will experience relief.

Slip and fall injuries are very common to work injuries. Employees who are at a significantly greater risk of a slip and fall injury are those in the nursing field, those in the hospitality industry, individuals who manage properties, and those in security-related roles. Employees who use a vehicle for their job are at risk for auto accident injuries that can be quite severe. These more severe injuries can result in dramatic harm to your head, neck, and spine. Spinal injuries are very serious and can leave an individual with lasting pain. Head or brain injuries often cause drastic side effects for patients to manage, especially if they aren’t addressed swiftly.