Car accidents can lead to chronic injuries that impact your quality of life. It’s important to find the right treatment for your injuries as soon as you feel discomfort. But how could you really know what treatment your body needs? Our team of medical specialists will determine the nature and extent of your injuries, and document them for your settlement.

Prime Medical Accident Injury patients recover faster because we have all of these medical professionals working together to guide your full and speedy recovery. Our Chiropractors will perform a detailed exam on you. Our medical doctors will examine, diagnose, and prescribe necessary medication, and when necessary refer to consulting specialists such as a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon.

Prime Medical Accident Injury has treated thousands of accident victims in the last 30 years. After determining the full extent of your injuries our team of orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and specialists will build a personalized treatment plan to get you back to 100%!