Please Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

1. Don’t say you are okay at the accident scene or talk to the other person’s insurance company

IF YOU DID – At the scene, you are not expected to be able to properly diagnose your physical condition. As we all know most times injuries are evident after the shock and stress of the accident have lessened, usually later that day, the next day, and often several days later. Most importantly it is usually a bad idea to speak to the other person’s insurance company before getting advice from an accident professional. You will probably be recorded and the insurance adjuster is skilled at eliminating or lessening your claim for damages. Get some good advice before speaking to that adjuster.

2. Take too long to seek medical help

Don’t self-treat yourself with over-the-counter pain meds, i.e.: Advil, or Tylenol in the hopes you will feel better. Make sure a medical professional evaluates your condition so you do not mask a potential long-term problem.

3. Worry about the fact you went to work even though you were injured

Don’t buy into anyone telling you that your injuries must not be serious if you went to work. Most people do not have the ability to miss work, and must work even if they have pain.

4. See doctors or attorneys that don’t understand accident injuries

Any claim must include documented proof of your injury, by a medical professional. Medical professionals must know how to properly document those injuries. Proper documentation is the difference in receiving the settlement you deserve or not.